Lead Generation Through Social Media

15 December 2019

Leads are what keep your marketing department running. The information you get from your leads allows the marketing department to get the most out of your advertising budget.  If you run a local business then you need to consider lead generation via social media. Social media ads are highly targeted, so you can seek out the people who are most likely to become new customers for your marketing efforts.

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Social media lead generation gives you great results for very little time and effort. Studies show that two thirds of businesses see a boost in new leads after spending just six hours in a week on social media. Social media ads are so effective because you can target them by location, gender, age, interests, and more. You can make sure that your target demographic sees what you have to offer. Social media platforms also make it extremely easy for you to guide your viewers into taking action. For example, Facebook has bio links and Instagram stories has the swipe up option.

Small Business Lead Generation Strategies

Generating Leads with Facebook

Generating Leads with Twitter
Social Media Ads

Google Ads

If your customers will be mostly coming from your local area, you should consider social media ads. You can target them by area, meaning that people on social media in your locale will see your business’ ads and you waste no money showing them to people from elsewhere. You can further target these ads by age, gender, interests, and more, letting you really zero in on the potential customers who are most likely to convert.

If you run a local business, you can’t afford not to use Facebook to get leads. Their demographic targeting is excellent. You can use Facebook ads to make more local people aware of your offers and get more customers.

The setup for a Facebook lead generating campaign is pretty simple. You just create a Facebook landing page with a special offer on it that your viewers can opt into. When somebody clicks on your Facebook ad, a form pops up that is auto-filled with their Facebook profile information. All they have to do is click on it, and you have a new lead. Your business’ Facebook page can also have a call-to-action button that will send viewers directly to a landing page where you can present them with opt-in offers that they fill out a form for.

Have you ever seen those ads at the top of every Google search results page and map? You can get your your small business up there too. Given that 90% of all people use Google for searches, this is a very cost effective method of generating leads. Just have a link in the ad that brings them to an information-gathering landing page.

Generating Leads with LinkedIn

If your budget for lead generation is low, you might want to consider lead generation by referral. There are a couple of ways you can go about this. One is by hiring people to talk to their friends and family about your company’s products or services, to leave reviews about your products or services online, and to mention them on their social media accounts. If even this is outside of your budget, you can entice the loyal customers you do have to help you get more clients or customers.

The Takeaway

Find the social media platforms that your target demographic uses, and show them the kinds of offers that they are willing to sign up for. If you give them enough value, you can easily generate the volume of high quality leads that can help your marketing department get you the greatest value for your marketing dollars.